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Shipping Costs

The following table lists all the possible shipping options:

Shipping Method Payment Method Region of delivery available up to Costs
LetterPrepaymentGermany0,800 kg3,00 €
Registered MailPrepaymentGermany0,800 kg6,50 €
LetterCash On DeliveryGermany0,800 kg7,50 €
Small packetPrepaymentGermany1,800 kg5,50 €
Packet (10 to 20kg)PrepaymentGermany19,800 kg17,50 €
Packet (5kg to 10kg)PrepaymentGermany9,800 kg10,00 €
Packet to 5kgPrepaymentGermany4,800 kg7,50 €
Registered mail to 1000gPrepaymentEuropean Union0,800 kg10,50 €
Registered mail to 500gPrepaymentEuropean Union0,300 kg7,00 €
Packet europe to 5kgPrepaymentEuropean Union4,800 kg18,00 €
International registered mail to 1000gPrepaymentInternational0,800 kg10,50 €
Switzerland registered mail to 1kgPrepaymentSwitzerland0,800 kg12,00 €
Switzerland registered mail to 2kgPrepaymentSwitzerland1,800 kg24,00 €
Registered mail to 500gPrepaymentSwitzerland0,300 kg7,50 €
Switzerland packet (10kg)PrepaymentSwitzerland9,800 kg35,00 €
Switzerland packet (5kg)PrepaymentSwitzerland4,800 kg30,00 €

During the checkout process automatically only the options fitting your order will be offered.
Please note that the Post calculates an additional fee of 2,00  when delivering a COD shipment.