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PCB of relay of Servo-1 Module

Servo Relais Z


Decoder Discount is available for this produkt!

Special features

  • Especially for Servo module Servo-1
  • For other accessory decoders, too
  • Clear electrical insolation


User Manual and Assembly Instruction


No. Mfr.No. Design Price** D* Amount
54 Servo‑1 module kit 12,90 €     
55 Servo‑1 Z assembled module 21,95 €     
64 Servo Relais module kit 7,90 €     
66 Servo Relais Z
assembled module
13,00 €     
584 Servo‑1X module kit 14,90 €     
585 Servo‑1X Z assembled module 23,95 €     
* delivery times, see notes on delivery time
** all prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs


The Relay board Servo Relais Z is an extension for the Servo-1 module to steer e.g. a frog polarisation via a relay. It can also be used in combination with an accessory decoder to realise an electrical isolation e.g. for the steering of lighting.

Description of operation
  • The Relay board is steered directly via the Servo module Servo-1 or any other accessory decoder.
  • In dependence of the state of the output, the relay is switched accordingly.
  • When a monostable relay is populated, also a light decoder may be used for steering.
Possible Applications
  • Frog polarisation
  • Electrically insolation of lighting of all kinds
  • Any other switching
Size (mm)
  • 23,5 x 16,8 x 20
  • 1x 3-stranded cable to Servo-1
  • 2x 3-pinned terminals for external devices
Power supply
  • The Relay board does not need any external power supply.
Connecting to the Servo module Servo-1

The Relay board is connected via the cable to pin header SV3 of the Single Servo Module.

Kit contents
  • Completely populated PCB
  • Installation material
  • User Manual
Version history


  • v1-2014
    • Initial version