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Discount notes

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Discount notes

SX- and PX-bus cables

For many our products a SX or PX bus cable can be ordered for free. This is pointed out in the respective item description. The SX- or PX bus cable will then be listed in the scope of delivery as an optional item and must, in case of an order, be put into the shopping cart separately. There is no difference between SX- and PX-bus cables, such that they can be used for both busses. Never may SX and PX busses be cross-connected.

No.Mfr.No.item nameprice
267SXK 0,3SX-/PX-bus cable, 30cm (plug-plug)5,50€
360SXK 0,6SX-/PX-bus cable, 60cm (plug-plug)5,50€
268SXK 1,0SX-/PX-bus cable, 1,0m (plug-plug)5,50€
134SXK 1,5SX-/PX-bus cable, 1,5m (plug-plug)5,50€
220SXK 2,0SX-/PX-bus cable, 2,0m (plug-plug)5,50€

The price of the free cable as stated in the scope of delivery is accounted for as discount and taken into account in the total price of the order.

Standard discount

For many loco decoders as well as for many kits and other products the following discount is applied:

from 5 pieces on- 0,50€/pce
from 10 pieces on- 1,00€/pce

The discount is indicated in the respective item description and taken into account by the shop system automatically.

If you want to place a larger order, we are happy to discuss a separate offer with you.