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for Selectrix®, Selectrix-2, DCC and analogue



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Brief description

The DH12A-4 is a very small PluX12 locomotive decoder with dimensions 8 x 14.5 (mm) and SUSI for Selectrix, Selectrix-2, DCC and analogue with a maximum load of 1.5 A. The DH12 is suitable for many PIKO modells of scale N.


Instructions provided by Döhler und Haass


No. Mfr.No. Design Price** D* Amount
443 DH12A‑4
PluX12, 1.5 A, SX, SX2, DCC, Analogue
29,90 €     
* delivery times, see notes on delivery time
** all prices incl. 19% VAT and plus shipping costs


The D&H decoder DH12A-4 is a locomotive decoder for Selectrix®, Selectrix-2 and DCC with a maximum load of 1,5 A.

The heart of this decoder is an ASIC chip with 28.000 devices, especially tuned for the high requirements of steering model railway locomotives.


The locomotive decoder DH12A-4 can be used in combination with all central units that support at least one of the data formats: Selectix®, Selectrix-2, DCC.

Here is an incomplete list: Professional Central Unit ZS1, Digital Central Unit ZS2, MÜT MC2004, Rautenhaus, Trix, Uhlenbrock Intellibox, Fleischmann Twin-Center.

Connectivity variants

The loco decoder DH12A-4 comes with PluX12 connector.

The following table lists all D&H loco decoders of the DH series:

Connectivity variant DH05 DH10 DH12 DH16 DH18 DH21
Without connection wires DH05-0 DH10-0 - DH16-0 - DH21-0
With 6-pinned ribbon cable for interface per NEM651 DH05-1 DH10-1 - - - -
With 8-pinned connecting cable for interface per NEM652 - - - DH16-2 - DH21-2
With higly flexible stranded wires DH05-3 DH10-3 - DH16-3 - DH21-3
With PluX connector (or similar) - - DH12-4 (PluX12) DH16-4 (PluX16) DH18-4 (Next18) DH21-4 (MTC-21)
Technical specifications
  • Dimensions (mm): 14,5 x 8,0 x 1,8
  • Maximum motor current: 1,5 A
  • Maximum operating voltage: 30 V
  • Function outputs light (LV, LR): 150 mA each
  • Function outputs AUX1, AUX2: 300 mA each
  • Function outputs AUX3, AUX4: unamplified
  • Total load: 1,5 A
  • SUSI interface: available
Pin assignment

The SUSI pins are on the backside of the PluX12 connector and are assigned as follows:
DH12 interface

Included in delivery
  • Locomotive decoder DH12A-4 with PluX12 connector
  • User manual