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Modellbahn Digital Peter Stไrz
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Special Offers

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Special offers

Your model railway is shining bright with our light strips

You may afford to light up with our light strips!

No.Mfr.No.item nameNormal priceOffer price
233LL-08-150-1Light strips N, single item13,50€9,00€
345LL-08-150-5Light strips N, 5er set (single price 12,50€ 8,50€62,50€42,50€
346LL-08-150-10Light strips N, 10er set (single price 11,50€ 8,00€115,00€80,00€
347LL-08-150-20Light strips N, 20er set (single price 10,50€ 7,50€210,00€150,00€
234LL-08-1000-1Light strips H0/TT, single item12,50€8,00€
349LL-08-1000-5Light strips H0/TT, 5er set (single price 11,50€ 7,50€57,50€37,50€
350LL-08-1000-10Light strips H0/TT, 10er set (single price 10,50€ 7,00€105,00€70,00€
351LL-08-1000-20Light strips H0/TT, 20er Set (single price 9,50€ 6,50€190,00€130,00€
353LL-08-1Light strip (without capacitors), single item11,00€6,50€
354LL-08-5Light strips (without capacitors), 5er set (single price 10,00€ 6,00€50,00€30,00€
355LL-08-10Light strips (without capacitors), 10er set (single price 9,00€ 5,50€90,00€55,00€
356LL-08-20Light strips (without capacitors), 20er set (single price 8,00€ 5,00€160,00€100,00€

The offer prices are automatically taken into account by our shop system.

Together invincible: Professional Central Unit ZS1 ZF or Digital Central Unit ZS1 with Win-Digipet 2012 Small or Premium and save 59,00€ or 150€!

14.05.2012 nach oben
Hier sollte die Profizentrale ZS1 ZF mit WinDigipet 2012 zu sehen sein.

Selectrix at its best with the Professional Central Unit ZS1 or digitally controlled model railways in multi-protocol use with the Digital Central Unit ZS2 - combined with a powerful software they are invincible: That is the combination of a reliable central unit and the new WinDigipet 2012 with its new features.

Whether with the Small-Edition for beginners or with the Premium-Edition for professionals - in this bundle you always have your model railway layout under full control and this at absolutely incincible price!

Use this chance to make your step into the world of digital controlled model railways!

These bundles are, of course, taken into account by our shop system: just add Central Unit and WinDigipet to your shopping cart and enjoy the granted discount or just select your personal dream team!

Introducory offer: Selectrix profi sets for H0

13.11.2010 up 
Look at our Selectrix profi set ICE 3 having a central unit ZS1, trafo and locomotive decoder for Selectrix model railway systems.

Out now: Our exclusive Selectrix H0 profi sets for all model railway fans at an unbeatably low price!

Each set consists of a complete PIKO starter set including a locomotive, wagons and tracks; the set is furthermore equipped with a central unit ZS1 by Selectrix displaying the traction current consumed; an appropriate trafo T 1470is supplied with the product and a 2A locomotive decoder having an 8 -pole interface.

Take your chance, and enter the magic world of digital model railways with our Selectrix professional central unit ZS1!

SX- and PX-bus cables

You can order a SX or PX bus cable in addition to many of our products; it is pointed out in the respective item description. The SX- or PX bus cable will then be listed in the scope of delivery as an optional item and must, in case of an order, be put into the shopping cart separately. Both cables are identical but used with the different bus types. The lengths can be chosen freely and is between 0.3m; 0,6m; 1.0m; 1.5m and 2.0m:

No.Mfr.No.item nameprice
267SXK 0,3SX-bus cable, 30cm (plug-plug)5,50€
360SXK 0,6SX-bus cable, 60cm (plug-plug)5,50€
268SXK 1,0SX-bus cable, 1,0m (plug-plug)5,50€
134SXK 1,5SX-bus cable, 1,5m (plug-plug)5,50€
220SXK 2,0SX-bus cable, 2,0cm (plug-plug)5,50€

The price of the cable optionally stated in the scope of delivery is accounted for a rebate in our shop system automatically. That discount will then be deducted from the total price of your order.

Standard discount

For many loco decoders as well as for many kits and other products the following discount is applied:

from 5 pieces on- 0,50€/pce
from 10 pieces on- 1,00€/pce

The discount is indicated in the respective item description and is taken into account by the shop system automatically.

If you want to place a larger order, we are happy to discuss a separate offer with you.

Standard offer SXV-PIC

We offer the following set prices for our active multi distributor SXV-PIC:

No.Mfr.No.item nameprice
199SXV-PIC SetSet: aktiver Multi-Verteiler SXV-PIC with Power-Pack PPS3A and transformator T1470 120,00€
200SXV-PIC Set ZSet: aktiver Multi-Verteiler SXV-PIC in housing with Power-Pack PPS3A both pre-assembled and transformator T1470170,00€

This standard offers are available as usual products and can be ordered by using our shop system.